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It's only seven days till Ludum Dare and I'm divorced, broke, depressed. I'm trapped in cycle of sadness, nostalgia and apathy. Living only in one room, spending my time procrastinating and idling...

Can you help me climb out of the existential hell and get ready to jam?

Only visual reference to my state is the cell phone (at computer), otherwise my comments should give you hint how I feel. If you manage to cheer me up I can either leave the room and hopefully my depression, or I can enter LD37 and bask in blessings of accomplishment.

However, if time runs out (only 7 days) or I get too depressed, you join me as an epic fail (thaks for nothing!)

Hint: I'm a fatso, so food is probably your best first move...


Art: Me

Programming (ha!): Me

"Ranko's Sad" by Richard Evans (rb-evans.com)
"Trippy happy beach" by Dalibor Bekerevic

Published Dec 12, 2016
Tagsdepression, Life Simulation, Ludum Dare 37, true-story
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